Huntsville, also known as The Rocket City, WaterCress Capital of the World , or Huntsvegas, is the fourth-largest city in Alabama.

More than fifty Fortune 500 companies have operations in Huntsville. ADTRAN, Avocent, Intergraph, Cinram, and Sanmina-SCI, just to mention a few.

But Huntsville economy is mostly driven by the military and aerospace technology with the University of Alabama in Huntsville being a technology and engineering research center in the area.

If you’re taking the first trip to Huntsville, there are so many things you can do and to visit:

U.S. Space & Rocket Center:

You just can’t let the opportunity of visiting the U.S. Space & Rocket Center pass by. You’ll be able to experience how Huntsville played an important role in the Apollo Missions, the Space Shuttle program, among many other things. But you can also learn more about NASA’s current plans to travel to Mars.

Huntsville Museum of Art:

This leading art center was recently expanded and it now has 13 galleries. It was considered one of the “top 10” destinations by the Alabama Tourism Department since it offers exhibitions from both national and regional acclaimed artists.

Historic Huntsville Depot:

This is the perfect day for the entire family. The Huntsville Depot is one of the U.S. oldest railroad structures and you can experience the Civil War and even getting aboard locomotives.

Maple Hill Cemetery:

This is the oldest cemetery in Huntsville and is full of history. Many famous politicians and former governors are buried here. The Maple Hill Cemetery has annual historic programs for the general public but you can drop by at any time of the year.

Huntsville Botanical Garden:

If you’re a nature lover, you’ve got to visit the Botanical Garden. With 120-acre, you can enjoy the beautiful floral collections, the aquatic areas, the broad grassy meadows and the Nature Center.

Harmony Park Safari:

Nothing like seeing the nature and wildlife. From camels, giraffes, alligators and emus, you can see them all. Usually, kids have a blast when they visit this park, so make sure you drive them there. They’ll love it.

Hiking & Biking Trails:

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities you have a lot to choose from in Huntsville. For hikers, you can explore the most advanced slopes of Monte Sano Mountain or the blacktop of the Greenway system. If you prefer biking trails, then you can go for the rocky trails or for the paved trails.

One of the things that attract most visitors to Huntsville is the Space Camp. The Space Camp has been serving as the launchpad for many careers, from engineers to astronauts. You can spend a week there and there are special programs designed to meet both adults, families and even corporate groups.

With the past full of history, beautiful landscapes, and a great atmosphere, Huntsville is a very cozy town. Either with indoor and outdoor activities, there is so much to do and know. You’ll love Huntsville, The Rocket City.