Juicing is one of the effective ways of ensuring that your body system gets all the recommended allotment of fruits and vegetables that it needs for a proper and healthy diet. So if you’re a marathon runner, this write-up will help you to know the best way to juice your fruit and vegetable. If you extract the juice from your choice fruits or vegetables, you can turn them into a nutritious and tasty beverage. We are going to be looking at some important juicing tips for marathon runners. These tips are as follows;

If you want to juice your apples, select the ripest and sweetest ones available. Ensure that you remove the bruises if you’re planning to use the bruised apples.

Make sure that you clean the juicer immediately you’re done with the juicing. Some fruits or vegetable can stain the blades and jugs of your juicer if you don’t clean it as soon as possible.

Most times, if you juice fruit, like oranges or lemon, it will add pulp to your drink. You can easily separate them by using a coffee filter to strain the juice. This filter can remove most of the pulp.juicing

While choosing a juicer, go for the one that is easy to handle. If the process of dismantling the juicer, assembling the juicer, and cleaning it, consumes a long time, juicing will be tiring to you. Juicers like Masticating juicer makes juicing to be fun and exciting because it’s very simple to use. An example of such juicer is the omega-nc800-hds 5th-generation.

Ginger is an edible and versatile root that can contribute in relieving stomach upset. Adding ginger to your freshly made juice will help to impart a good flavor and enhance better health. The use of ginger in your juice id very essential to good health as it has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are feeling old, tired, or have aching joints, consider taking your diet with some juice. Juice can help to reactivate your body system. Juice contains many nutrients that can keep the body in good shape and superior fitness. It can repair any damage in your body and increase your energy level.

Ensure that you drink your juice after juicing. By doing this, you will get the most nutrient out of your juice. It is important to know that juice nutrients will be lost if you keep it for long. Do not wait to drink the juice after juicing, or else you won’t get much nutrition out of it.

Masticating juicers is the best juicer for juicing. It has amazing features that other juicers lack. It can mill and grind your juicing materials the most proper way. This kind of juicer will help you to diversify your juicing.


To incorporate juicing into your day-to-day lifestyle as a marathon runner, can be an efficient way of getting the rich nutrients contained in your fruits and vegetables. Follow the tips mentioned here carefully and make your juice by blending your favorite fruits.